My New Year’s Resolutions – #1 Getting Up Earlier.

Hi so for the first month of 2017 I will write every now and then about my New Year’s Resolutions. Now I am not sure I know what they are yet myself but I have a few in mind.

One of them is to get up earlier for school. The time that I normally get up for school is 6:30 and I leave for school at 7:15. This gives me only 45 minutes to get ready. This might seem like a lot of time when your doing nothing but when your moving and getting ready it goes by pretty fast. When I actually take my time to get ready it takes me an hour. Why? I’m not sure.

This is my morning.

Wash teeth and face – 5 minutes

Get dressed. Depending if I got my uniform ready the night before this can take up to 15 minutes.

Do hair. – 15 minutes

Do makeup – 10 minutes.

And if I have spare time (which as you can see I probably don’t) I make myself breakfast.

I would like to start getting up earlier because I would be able to take my time in the morning and make myself breakfast. If I don’t eat breakfast in the morning I’m hungry all morning. Tomorrow school starts again for most public schools and I’m not excited. I also got sick this morning which will make it even harder to get up in the morning. I am going to try to be in bed before 10pm tonight and hopefully get up at 5:30.

Talk tomorrow,





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