My Phone is Not Well.

My phone is slowly passing. UGHHHH. I have had it for only a year and a half. It is a galaxy 6S or is it S6? I don’t know and I am too lazy to check.

It was perfectly fine until I dropped it into the toilet about a month ago. I was going to the bathroom and I went to turn on the light with the same hand that I was holding my phone with and my grasp slipped on it and it fell into the open toilet bowl. I remember my phone needed to be charged but I had decided to take it with me to eat dinner anyways. After dinner I had to pee so I took it with me and that’s how it happened. This all could have been prevented but hello I’m Jess and Jess never makes the right choice.

Things that have been going wrong since then(In order that they started occurring) :

  • It dies out of no where even when it say its still has 50% battery and when I put it to charge it says 0%
  • I’ll unlock it and after I put in the right code instead of unlocking the screen the screen just goes to sleep.
  • It takes longer to turn on
  • it accuses my sim card of being invalid
  • and finally the horrible thing that really just made it set in today is that the back cover had started to come off.

Well my phone sucks. This should be a warning to everyone that they should take care of their phones OR ELSE THEY WILL DIE and then poof suddenly the internet isn’t always at your finger tips.



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