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I suck at talking to people

So there’s this guy who is friends with my brother. My brother and I are super are close by the way. He is also friends with one of my good friends ummm we are going to call her Kayla because she did not give me permission to use her name in this article. Mostly because she has no idea I have a blog because I have not told her.

Well this boy is very close with my friend Kayla. So sometimes I will go and talk to her by her locker in school so he will be there by her locker and I’ll go over and say “Hi Kayla” and then I always say hi to him also because I am a polite person you know? Anyways he always responds in this really monotone voice. He just says hi but he says it very quickly and plain like he doesn’t like me or something. I’m so dumb I over think everything.

So one night my brother and I are out for pizza with my older sister and her boyfriend and other people. So me and my brother somehow get on the topic of this boy and I say “oh yeah I don’t think he likes me” so my brother being the blabber mouth that he is says “Really? I’ll ask him” at this moment I told him he really shouldn’t but I kinda also did want him to ask. Well he did.

This was during winter break and I just went back to school today. So after school today I was helping a friend of mine clean out her locker because she is moving to a different one because of boy friend problems (Her locker was next to her boyfriend’s)

I am about to leave school when I see Kayla and the guy sitting in  the math class room which was mostly empty working on homework. So I walk in to say hi before I leave.

When the guy notices me he says “Hey your brother told me you thought that I didn’t like you.” I can feel my face getting warm as he says this. I’m not even just saying this to put  detail or anything I was litterally  getting nervous and could not stop thinking about how red I probably was.

At this point I say “I know! I told him not to.”

I memorized the whole conversation by the way.

“Why do you think I don’t like you?”

“I don’t know it’s just whenever I say hi you say hi back and you sound like you don’t like me” Please note now if you haven’t already that Jess is an idiot.

“You say hi to me?”

“Yeah she says hi to you all the time” Kayla told him.

“Oh I didn’t notice I guess. I don’t hate you though. If I did I wouldn’t say anything at all”

“Oh okay good”

and then we kinda talked about my brother for a minute before I realized I was supposed to be leaving.

So I said goodbye to Kayla and him and yeah it was prettyy great. We will see what happennnssss.








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