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I got in Trouble for Buying Water!

I just wanted some damn water! Omg okay but here is the story.

So this morning I went to the cafeteria before the bell rang for first period to buy water because I really wanted something to drink so I bought a water.

A teacher comes in and is like “what are you doing? You can’t use the vending machines right now.” Like I’m buying a freaking water are you serious?

So me being sassy tell her “Yes I can the bell for first period has not rang yet” She kept asking me what I said because she couldn’t hear so I was basically raising my voice at her and in an attitude way too.

The woman took my water bottle and was like “no you can’t have your water I will give it to you during lunch.”

Like are you kidding me? it’s just water! I paid two dollars for that water! So she took my water and I was sooo annoyed, but my freaking guy friend doesn’t sit by me in first period and I really needed to talk about it so yeah here I am!

I’m sorry I needed to vent but okay I’m done now. Hope you have a good day!



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