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January Book List

Every month I will make a list of books I plan to read this month. I am going for three or four a month. In the future I would like to have some sort of theme but this month I don’t but here it is!!

  • How to Hang a Witch

I have already started on this book and am about half way through. It is pretty awesome so far and I will probably do a book review on it pretty soon. It is about a girl who is a descendent of the man Cotten Mather. Cotten Mather was involved with Salem Witch Trials and how they started. So the main character Sam moves to Salem with her step mom and basically everyone is really into the city’s history and hate her because she is related to him. There is a cute ghost she meets and also a cute neighbor who is just about the only on that doesn’t hate her at school. I don’t want to spoil anything though so I am going to leave it at that.

  • The Vampire Diaries books 1 and 2. (They come together in this one big book that’s why. But I am counting them as separate books)

I have always loved the show The Vampire Diaries up until Nina Dobrev left and then I stopped watching. So I have decided to try to tackle the books and see if they are just as good. There is a pretty good chance Nina might be returning for the show’s finale and if she does I am watching no freaking doubt.

  • The Secret Circle

Another book by L.J. Smith (The author of The Vampire Diaries). This one is also a T.V. show that I’ve seen. I really liked it but it got cancelled after one season. The reason I am so into like books that were turned into T.V. shows is because for a long time I didn’t read them just because I didn’t like the idea of knowing how it’s going to end. Or sometimes I didn’t like something about the film or show and that would turn me off from reading it. I just read the Divergent series last month though and I LOVED IT! It was sooo good. The first will always be my favorite and even though it doesn’t have the best ending I can totally see why the author wrote it and I can not see it ending any other that would make sense. Just the ending that made sense wasn’t the happiest one. The books and movies are kind of the same but at the same time not really. They have the basic ideas but the conflicts and even some of the plot is different. Divergent is definitely worth reading though.

I hope you guys will check out some of these books and read them with me and if you are too lazy just wait for my review and I will tell you all about it.




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