My Experience Being an Extra in a Film

Hi guys. So nothing interesting really happened at school today which is what I will write about if I don’t talk about a book or a T.V. show but I did not want to just not blog today though so I am going to talk about the time when I was an extra in a film this past summer.

It all started with my “Before I Turn 21” bucket list. Be an extra was on my list so this past summer I started following an extra casting facebook page. Basically they post when they are looking for extras and anyone can apply for a role but just because you apply does not mean you will get to be one. You have to send in your picture and they see if you would fit well into the scene.

Anyways though I had been following their page for maybe two weeks before a part went up saying they were looking for a very thin girl between the ages of 16-19 to cast as an extra.

I had never applied to be an extra before and the post didn’t include what was supposed to be emailed just that to send your name an picture. I was really nervous because I didn’t want to seem like some little girl who didn’t know what she was doing.

So I sent them my name, age, picture and my weight since they said they were looking for someone very thin. I didn’t even tell my parents because I figured I didn’t want to say anything if I didn’t even end up getting the part.

Well the next day I get an email asking for a couple more pictures. At first I was like hmm and took a second look at their page and their site. It all seemed to be legit (and thank goodness it was) so I sent two more pictures. That night they emailed me again saying I was being seriously considered and told me they needed my height. I was like crap I am only 5’2 what if I’m too short?! Well I wasn’t.

Long story short I ended up getting the role haha. I was so excited. I told my mom and she was pretty surprised.

They told me they wanted me to play a troubled teen sort of thing. The scene I was in was suppose to take place in a clinic for people with body issues. So I guess I was playing a girl who was under weight? I’m obviously not under weight apparently I look like I am though.  They had me bring some dark clothing and other things. The person who was in charge of wardrobe emailed me which I don’t know it was cool.

They day came and they wanted me there at 7:30am. Yeah it was early. When I got there my mom told them what role I was there for and they just said okay and told me to have some breakfast and then to go inside. They had this breakfast table that had a lot of food on it and they actually let me have some guys. I feel like extras are not as well treated as the actors because well we are just extras and not the stars. There were only three extras on set this day though so I could have breakfast off the fancy table.

All I ended up having was some fruit cause it was too early and I wasn’t hungry. I know I should have taken advantage of it and just took a little bit of everything but I was nervous okay? There were fancy set working people around the table.

So I go inside and they direct me to this sitting room with the two other extras who were also working. They were both older than me but they were nice.

After sitting for 15 minutes the woman who emailed me comes in and tells me to come with her into wardrobe. We go over what I brought with me and she tells me to put on the black shorts with a black pair of tights she brought and a black pair of boots. For my top I wore a band shirt that was from someone that worked on set. It was really big so she had to tear it up and do all kinds of things to it to make it fit. After wardrobe I went to sit for another 15 minutes before I went into makeup.

They just put on some dark eyeliner and that’s pretty much it. My hair was just in a ponytail the way I had come with it.

After this they brought me to set where I was referred to as “The Teenager”. I thought it was funny. I was on set for maybe 15 or 20 minutes just sitting in my seat at the clinic while they filmed. The scene was of the main actress walking into the clinic and having a conversation with a nice stranger. Not me.

And then I would leave and go wait while they put the cameras in a different spot. This is pretty much all we did for about five hours. I was there from 7:30am til around 12pm which is a short day to be on set because normal days ussually are at least 8 hours.

But yeah overall my experience was awesome I would do it again. It is long and a lot of the time you are just waiting but still you have a chance of being on freaking T.V.

Just being on a set is just an awesome experiance and if you have a chance to be an extra you should go for it.

It’s also just cool to be able to say you have been an extra.





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