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Inspirational Fridays

Hi guys! So starting today every Friday I will pick a quote and talk about what I think about the message of it. Although today’s post might just be more of a rant then inspirational. qoute-of-the-day

This weeks quote:

I can not standdd negativity. I get it everyone has bad days and their own situations that they are dealing with but it just bothers me sometimes. I know what a lot of people might think of this post too like maybe they just have problems at home or they have been through a lot and I understand this I am not saying that they don’t just that sometimes when someone is constantly negative it bothers me.

Let’s take my high school for example. Very negative people there. Today we had a guest speaker and afterwards people were saying “Omg that guy was soooo boring” And they were making fun of him.

But I’m a positive person so I was like “I mean at least we got to miss almost two periods guys. It’s better then being in class” But nope all negativity. It just bothers me because I use to be negative a lot too when I was younger but now I really strive to be a positive person and I think everyone should. I have bad days too but most of the time I try to just grab some ice cream, put on a movie, build a bridge, and get over it!! I try not to let little things bother me and it’s hard but I really try.

Moral of the story here is not everyone likes negative Nancys. People like to be happy so they are going to want to be with the happy people.

This is just my opinion I hope no one gets offended if you are I am reallyyyy sorry and I love you and you are perfect just the way you are and I don’t listen to anything I say I’m only 17*Fast talking* !!

I hope everyone strives to be a more positive person and have a wonderful day!



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