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Library Books Are Probably Really Dirty

Hello! I have not talked much about this but I sort of worry about my health a lot. I am only 17 and probably very healthy but I just worry about getting sick sometimes. It’s a problem. I’m aware and I’m working on it.

So today I’m sitting in my room reading my book when I start thinking about how dirty it could be. The reason I thought of this was because the book I am currently reading is The Vampire Diaries and it is an older book. Almost 30 years old. The copy I am borrowing from my local library is very old apparently because there is a lot of clear duct tape on the cover and spine which are both very worn.

So this got me thinking “how dirty is this book?’. As someone who worries about her health sometimes this thought kind of triggered some panic. What about the people who lick their thumbs to turn the pages?! Or paper cuts?!

After doing some research I learned that a study done in Belgium on the book “50 shades of gray” showed that it had traces of cocaine on it and herpes but not enough to be harmful us. Also that a library door knob was full of gross things. But wait all door knobs are probably gross. In fact pretty much everything has germs on it. My laptop I am touching right now probably has lots of germs on it. I’ve had it for a year and I have never disinfected it once. And look I’m alive! Though I do plan on disinfecting it after I write this.

I also read online, that books are very dry and bacteria doesn’t live long on them at all.

Books are not even that popular because everyone reads on their tablets or cell phones now of days that means even fewer people visit the library, which lowers your chances of catching anything .

In the end you are more likely to catch something from a bus or doctors office then you are when you read a book. With that being said I still recommend washing your hands after reading a library book and try not to lick your fingers to turn the page. Really just carry some hand sanitizer with you and you’ll be 10x safer.




4 thoughts on “Library Books Are Probably Really Dirty

  1. Lol, I’m sorry, The Vampire Diaries like Elena and Damon Vampire Diaries? Or some classic that I haven’t heard of? Because I don’t think The Vampire Diaries is up to 30.
    But yeah that’s so true. And some people that use saliva to turn the pages of books and it’s just like… ugh.


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