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Why You Should Try New Things (even if they seem really scary)

I hate doing things that I’m not good at especially in front of a lot of people. So when my friend suggested that I should join cross-country with her I was like “Uh no”.

I had good reasons though. I didn’t exercise at all really so I wasn’t in shape at all. I am thin I only weigh 97lbs (I know I’m tiny) but I did not have the endurance to run a 3 mile race but I love my friend and she convinced me to join.

The first practice was horrible. It was awful I hated it. We had to run 2 miles in the park by ourselves. The coach said she would be waiting for us where we finished our two miles. We were suppose to stay in groups but that was kind of hard for me since I was the slowest one. Even the people who didn’t work out ether were faster than me.

I ran for maybe two or three minutes before I got tired. I was really getting stressed because my group was getting too far away and I didn’t have the energy to get all the way over there quick enough. At least I thought I didn’t but I pushed myself really hard and I caught up to them and made it through the two miles. Even though I actually had probably only ran a 1/2 mile. I walked for about a mile and 1/2.

That day I went home feeling so crappy. I was freaking out because I felt like I could not breathe and as if I had over worked myself because I hadn’t exercised in about a year before this day. My first race was the same way. Feeling worn out like you have never felt before can be scary and upsetting because it feels horrible. I didn’t quit though but the girls who were the ones who I said were slow but still faster than me ended up quitting that first day of practice.

The reason I stuck with it was because I knew that was a bad runner, but I wanted to be a good one one day.

So I went back again and again and practiced even though I was the worst one on the team

My First Race

My first race was very difficult. I had only been practicing for one week before we had our first race. It was two miles but it was still very difficult. I did about the same as I did my first day of practice but I pushed myself just a little bit harder. I probably ran 1 mile and walked the other. At the end I sprinted toward the finish line and finished that race with I think a 35 minute time. Which honestly isn’t great for only 2 miles.

Right after the race I got very dizzy and felt very sick. I had sprinted towards the end so when I stopped running suddenly my body didn’t have time to adjust. Like when you go to the gym and get on the treadmill, you run fast but then when your done you slowly bring yourself back to walking. I didn’t do that so it didn’t leave me feeling good. I also – like the first day of practice felt like I had tried too hard however in about 20 minutes I felt better.

I Improved

I stayed for the entire season which lasted 2 months, September and October. We did around 6 or 7 races in the whole season, most of them being 3 miles.

By the end of the season I could run 3 miles in 27 minutes. I never won a medal but I definitely improved. My first 3 mile race I ran took me 45 minutes.

I am so happy I joined cross-country and it is all thanks to my wonderful friend Bryanna. I would have never ever joined cross country unless she had made me and really kept on me about joining. I am going to be doing indoor track very soon I am very nervous but know that if I can survive a cross country season then I can survive a track season.

I do plan on joining cross-country again next year and actually look forward to it. My goal is to win at least one medal next season. I have a very long time to train and I plan on doing so.

I love being a runner and not having to worry about being embarrassed about not being in shape enough to do physical activities.

I encourage everyone to try something new because you might end up really liking it like I did. Also if you are planning to join cross-country next school year let me know! I am considering making an article about surviving your first season of cross country.

Be brave and stay strong.



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