Book Review: How to Hang a Witch

Hi guys! Bare with me please because I have not written a lot of book reviews and I am not great them but the only way to get better is to write them so I’m not giving up! And if anyone has any tips on writing book reviews GIVE THEM TO ME… please?

So the book How to Hang a Witch is about a girl name Sam. Sam’s mom died while giving birth to her so Sam and her dad are super close. Or I guess they were until he went into a coma. (NOT A SPOILER HES IN A COMA FROM THE FIRST PAGE OKAY? DON’T MURDER ME). Lots of bad things have happened to the people around Sam while she was growing up so Sam blames herself believing that she is cursed.

Sam lives with her step mom Vivian who she is also pretty close with. Her and Vivian move to Salem (where they had the Salem Witch Trials) from New York because they can no longer afford to live there due to her father’s medical bills so they move into the house her father grew up in.  The house they move into is an old Victorian house that from what I have read sounds pretty creepy. Many objects move on their own into different places which leads Sam to think it’s haunted.

Her and her father are also descendents of Cotten Mather who is remembered greatly in the town for starting the trials. The people in Salem don’t like Sam because of who she is related to. People bully her in school and even adults on the street give her dirty looks. The only people who aren’t mean are her neighbors Ms.Merribell and her son Jaxon. Jaxon is there for her from the very first day she arrives in Salem. He never listens to what the bullies say about her even after she doubts his friendship.

I loved the book How to Hang a Witch.  One part that I can relate too is that Sam is sort of untrusting of Jaxon because she is used to not having many friends and Jaxon is very nice to her. I can relate well with this because I am also sort of suspicious when people really want to be my friend.

I do wish the story was longer because I felt like I did not get to know the characters as much as I do when I read a trilogy or a series. Although there is going to be a 2nd novel called How to Sink a Ship. Which will have to do with The Titanic so I am so excited about that! I will definitely be reading it when it comes out.

The Author Adriana Mather wrote the book because she herself is a dependent of Cotten Mather. She also is a decendent of two people who survived The Titanic so that is where her inspiration for the second book came from.

I hope you will read How to Hang a Witch. It’s an interesting one for sure.

Til tomorrow,




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