I Write Poems and Song Lyrics

Hi guys. So I do like to write poems. And not like the old kind of poems that I really can’t understand ever (My best friend, Nelly can though. She loves them!) they are more modern.

I also write song lyrics. Well I try to. My family is very into music so I write lyrics sometimes because I don’t play any instruments.

So every once in awhile I will share something I wrote. What I am sharing today is a piece of a song I started writing about a close friend of mine. Beware I wrote this when I was 15 so it’s kind of not good.

(Verse 1)

Here’s a story about a guy 

who put people before himself 

but when he had his problems 

he wouldn’t tell nobody else 

He wouldn’t let anyone see 

that side 

so he lied and lied.

He told them he was alright 

but he went to sleep crying at night.

He hid his feelings really well

and pretty much had everyone under his tragic spell.

The  guy who was smiling all the time

was actually dying on the inside. 



Don’t you cry I’m here by your side 

no more rain

no more pain


And that is as far as I got with it. So let me know what you think ! And if you write lyrics or poetry let me know! I love reading people s writing!




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