La La Land:Summary and Thoughts.

(Spoilers ahead)


Hi. I didn’t know what I wanted to write about today. I was kind of planing to just figure out some prompt to post about but then I saw La La Land. My brother told me to watch it because he is a total girl and loved it. So we sat down today and watched it.

La La Land is about a girl name Mia. Mia is an aspiring actress who moved to Los Angeles six years ago to pursue her dream. Well she’s losing hope because nothing has happened yet.

But then she meets Sebastian. Sebastian is a pianist just trying to figure out a way to pursue his dream playing jazz.

The two meet in traffic where she flips him off for beeping at her. What a way to meet huh?

They meet properly at a party where they talk and  flirt and deny any feelings for one another.

Well the movie goes on and of course they fall for each other and she moves into his apartment. They have their ups and downs. This lasts around eight months. (I am leaving out a lot of stuff just because there is a lot of things that go on.) It all comes to an end though when she finally lands a movie that is filming in Paris. It is assumed that they go their separate ways and the movie fast forwards five years later after the she finishes filming the movie. She is married. She has a child. But not with Sebastian. With another guy who’s name is not said.

Her and her husband go out for dinner and she stops him when she hears jazz music coming from a club that they pass. They go inside and she see’s that the club is called Seb’s. It was her idea for him to open a club called Seb’s. He is at the front about to play a song when she walks in. He spots her and he plays a song THEIR song on the piano while she sits and watches next to her husband. In that moment they rewind to the very beginning of the movie. They show how the movie should have gone. How it would have gone if they had a perfect relationship. Everything would have worked out. They would have gotten married and had a child and been led up to this point at his club but instead it would have been him taking her there and not her husband. And then reality sets in the song ends and she leaves the club with the other guy but not before smiling at him. And then the movie ends.

The two people both got everything they wanted. Sebastian got his club where he could play jazz music every night and entertain people who loved it just as much as him. And Mia finally landed her role in a movie. Their dreams came true. But they took different paths to achieve them.

This movie left me feeling some kind of way. The songs completely touched my heart. And the ending. The ending proves that life isn’t always happily ever after. This ending is real.

I’m sorry if this post isn’t the usual. I just watched the movie and had a lot on my chest! I’m seriously so sad now and I am probably going to go listen to the songs. Byes!




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