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Inspirational Fridays

It’s Friday! Hi guys today is Friday which means it’s time to talk about an inspirational quote. Today’s quote is basically my freaking life motto. I love this saying and I basically live by it.

This week’s quote: its friday .jpg

I basically live by the saying “Everything happens for a reason”. If something doesn’t work out then I just think it wasn’t meant to be I guess. I try not to worry things I can’t change because maybe they are like that for a reason. Maybe someone is trying to tell me something. I’m aware it’s a weird way to think but it is also is a good way not to stress over things. I believe that everything will work itself out one day and you will be happy.

I also believe that the hardest challenges are given to the people who can handle them. I had the worst middle school experience. I was bullied and a lot of my family members were passing and it was really just a hard time.  But now a junior in high school and  I am a happy person probably the happiest I have ever been in awhile. Sure I have bad days but I move past them and keep going.

So stay strong and never forget everything happens for a reason.



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