My Novel

Well I literally suck at making time to work on my novel. I mean its only partly my fault. I have school and this past week I had midterms so it’s been nuts. But I know if I don’t somehow make myself write it then I won’t. I mean I don’t feel forced to write it I want to. I just forget about it sometimes.

Which is why I am adding “NOVEL UPDATE SUNDAYS” to my list of weekly traditions because apparently putting it in the tag line isn’t motivational enough.

And I had decided last week that Sunday would be a no post day because I need one day out of the week to get myself together for the next week and figure out some things I might want to talk about. So now Sundays will just be a novel update basically just saying how far into it I am and what I have written this week and stuff like that. Just something small.

Sound good? I can’t wait to tell you all about my novel on Sunday! Bye for now though!



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