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Book Review: Did I Mention I Love You (Trilogy)

Hi guys so today I will be talking about the Did I Mention I Love You trilogy. I am currently about 90% done with the third book but I haven’t finished it because I read like 150 pages in one day and got a migraine so I’ve decided to lay off the reading for a couple of days.

But anywaysss the books are about a girl from Portland named Eden whose parents just separated I believe a year or two before the first novel takes place (not positive though).  Eden’s dad has moved to Santa Monica, California with a woman and her three boys who are now Eden’s step brothers. Well the summer before Eden’s junior year her dad invites her to spend the summer with him and his new family. So she goes.

In California she meets her step brothers Chase (age 11), Jamie (age 14) and Tyler (age 17). Chase and Jamie are nice kids who she honestly begins to see as her brothers. Tyler though is a crazy guy who does drugs and he has issues basically because of things he went through as a kid -that I will not spoil. He is very mean to Eden in the beginning because he just doesn’t care about anyone. The things he went through destroyed him. Through all this she finds herself attracted to him. HER BROTHER!!!

When I read the back cover at Target and read that it was about a girl who falls for her step brother I was like “Uh no . That’s weird.” Honestly that’s what I thought! I’m so judgey of books I’m sorry! But then my friend had a copy and she told me to hold it for her. And at first I was like omg she’s reading this? And then I opened it to the page where her book mark was and oh my goodness!!! The scene she left off on just pulled me in that fast.

It’s actually not that weird. It might seem weird because he’s like her step brother but she didn’t grow up with him. She met him when she was sixteen. He just happened to be the son of her dad’s wife but it’s really not her fault that she fell for him. They just had this horrible label over their heads that makes it weird. but it’s not.

Back to the story though! Eden also makes friends with the girl across the street Rachel who is super nice and even introduces Eden to her friends. One of those friend being Tyler’s girlfriend! Tyler’s girlfriend is not a good person that’s all I am going to say.

Eden’s trip to California soon becomes very drama-filled. And I am not going to say anything else because I think you get the idea of the story.

I personally loved all three books. The character growth that takes place during the three novels is amazing. The books take place over the span of four years so you really get to know them well and see them grow up. And I like this because I feel like I’m not missing out on what happens next. Sometimes when a novel only takes place over the span of a couple of months I feel like I want more when I finish it. I’m left making up my own conclusions about what will happen as they get older I guess. But this one I feel like when it ends I will be satisfied with it. I will have gotten everything out of the book that I wanted. And this might seem weird but trust me it’s a real thing!

One thing that real shocks me about this novel is how young the author is. Estelle Maskame was only thirteen years old when she finished the first novel. Can you believe it?! The novel was originally written on (a site that many writers are familiar with) and went viral. The last book Did I Mention I Missed You was published this past December. Estelle is now nineteen years old and lives in Scotland.

I loved this series and I hope everyone will give it a chance. It’s not your everyday girl meets boy story. It’s a beautiful story that’s different but still amazing.




2 thoughts on “Book Review: Did I Mention I Love You (Trilogy)

  1. Lol, I’m always so sketchy about the step brother thing. It’s not like they’re your half brother or anything so you’re not related by blood so technically it’s not incest but it’s still pretty weird. What if y’all hook up and then break up? Do you just keep on living with them? I find it hard enough to interact with my class mates let alone hook up with someone you’ll be living with for a long time.

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