Haircuts Are Scary

Friday Jan. 20:

So today is Friday but when I upload this it will probably not be. This article is going to be like a journal article where I talk about an experience by writing about how it is going everyday.

To start off I basically hate my hair. It never works with me ever. It is long and curly and a mess. I have tried at least 15 different shampoos and products but nothing. I still don’t really like it. So I am just going to take a risk and get a hair cut.

At first I wanted to go short, but I have gone short before and it was okay I guess. So I have decided that I am going to get a V-shape hair cut. Will I regret it? Maybe. But I’m tired of my hair and I need to just go for it.

Honestly even if it does look like crap I can just put it up. It’s not that big of a deal but I am going to try it anyways. My hair appointment is tomorrow morning and I’m pretty nervous but also excited so we will see how it goes!

Saturday Jan. 21:

I got  haircut! omg okay so it is Saturday night and I honestly love my haircut .

Okay so here’s what happened I went to the hair salon this morning and I was pretty excited… until she started actually chopping it off. It just looked like so much. I was like oh god this was a bad idea she is going to make it too short and I am not going to like it!! The lady that was cutting my hair also had a Mexican accent which made it kind of hard to understand what she was saying. I am also Mexican but I’m not fluent in Spanish I grew up speaking English but I have learned a lot of Spanish at school. Anyways she kept suggesting things and me, only kind of understanding what she was trying to say was just saying “Um yeah sure.” to everything, but in the end it turned out really nice. It is short in the front but long in the back its great I love it. I might actually wear it down on Monday!

Sunday Jan. 22:

Hi guys! It is now currently Sunday and I just showered even though I got my hair washed yesterday at the salon. I just hate washing my hair two days in a row but I wanted to wash it because it was getting frizzy and I feel gross if I don’t wash it on Sunday before school.

It is pretty thin my hair. I’ve never had really thick hair but its thinner. Mostly in the back because she only thinned it out there. I was kind of nervous about her thinning it out because my hair is like I said already thin but it worked out.

Also now I have bangs! Kind of! They are basically just side bangs because my shortest layer is only a little bit past my chin but when its dry and curly its at my cheek so that’s new. My longest layer is at the middle of my back. But yeah I am so happy with my haircut!

Tuesday Jan 23:

Hi so today is Tuesday and I actually wore my hair down yesterday. It was a little poofy but oh well. My “bestfriend” said though “Oh did you cut it yourself?” Because it’s layered and I don’t know she always makes dumb comments but a lot of other people said they liked it so I am happy. But yeah I hope you have a fantastic Tuesday!



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