Problems and Benefits of being Shy/Quiet Person

Hello it’s Jess and oh my goodness it is almost Friday thank goodness gracious. Anyways today I wanted to talk about the problems and the benefits of being a shy or quiet person. I am a pretty quiet person sometimes. usually whenever people are talking and being loud during class I am usually that  one girl who is actually trying to do her work or even just reading a book.

Now don’t get me wrong I can talk a lot when I feel like it but sometimes I just don’t. But anyways the list! I’ll start off with some of the problems first.

The problems of being a shy/quiet person: 

  • Group projects. Do I need to explain?
  • People telling you you always look ether mad or sad
  • People asking if you ever talk.
  • Being constantly asked to talk louder
  • Coming off as rude because you don’t talk much to someone but your really just very shy.
  • When your with a friend and they start talking to someone you don’t know.
  • People don’t say hi to you
  • If your shy and a book lover people assume all you do is read all the time
  • Being told you are very soft spoken
  • People are extremely surprised when they find out you actually are not an angel

I could go on really but I wanted to get to the of the benefits I’ve discovered about being shy.

The benefits of being a shy/quiet person:

  • No drama!
  • Shy people are adorable
  • People assume you are smart
  • Deeper friendships
  • Some people are actually nicer to shy people because they think we are fragile
  • Small things can make our day
  • Your different which makes people curious about you
  • Teachers like you
  • You are more likely to get away with things just because people assume you would never do anything bad
  • You learn how to deal with big challenges at a younger age

Well these are just all the things that I could think of and I for sure think that the good out weighs the bad. If you have any other problems or benefits that you struggle with as a shy person I would love to know in a comment below!

Til Tomorrow



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