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Febuary Reading List


Hii! So it is February and this month’s theme is teenage romance. Not all themes will have to do with the main holiday of the month but this one does. So these are the books I plan to read:

WanderlostWanderlost is about a girl named Aubree who ends up taking over her older sister Elizabeth  summer job in Europe as a tour guide after her sister gets herself in major trouble. There she meets the company owner son Sam who she finds it hard not to fall for. The catch? She’s pretending to be Elizabeth.

Made You UpMade You Up is about a girl named Alex, a high school senior, who struggles with schizophrenia. She can has a hard time telling whats real and what’s all in her head. Through all this though she remains positive and is determined to stay sane to get into college until she runs into Miles who she swears she imagined. Alex is suddenly making friends and going to parties and falling in love.

This whole story is told from Alex’s point of view and basically from what I have heard you don’t know what  is really happening and whats not which I find very interesting. So I can’t wait to read this one!

The Unexpected EverythingThe Unexpected Everything is about a girl named Andie. Andie has everything planned out. Her future, her family, her friends, even her relationships. No more then three weeks is her rule. But then something happens and suddenly she can’t plan and things are out of her hands. (This is a very very general synopsis of the book. I was lazy and didn’t feel like paraphrasing the whole thing, but you can find the whole synopsis on or or any other site that sells books really.)



I am just finished the Secret Circle which I thought was a lot better then The Vampire Diaries  considering that they are written by the same author. Stay on the look out for my review!



4 thoughts on “Febuary Reading List

  1. Wanderlost sounds like a great book!! I’m personally in love with books that incorporate a romantic fiction into an exotic environment (I’m from Australia, so London is definitely exotic to me!) xx

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