My High School Stories

My Ghost Experiences

Hello it’s Friday. Is it just me or does the week go by extremely fast? We’re already more than halfway through February it’s nuts!

But anyways today I want to tell share a few stories about times when really weird things have happened to me.

Story #1

Okay so first I think the first time anything super weird happened to me was when I was in 7th grade in 2013. My brothers and I my brothers at the time were 12 and 7 and I was 13. We had just gotten home from school so we were just hanging out in my room talking. Both of my brothers were standing because for some reason they just refuse to sit down sometimes they just like standing. Not me, I was sitting on my bed.

So me and my brothers are just talking about school when the pillow next to me shifts. I had not moved at all I promise. I was just sitting there when it looked like someone adjusted the pillow. Me and my brother both imediatly froze. He tells me “Did you see that?”

I told him I did see that and we both freaked out and ran to the living room. At the time it was only the three of us home because we had walked home from school so we couldn’t run and tell anyone. We kind of just sat on the couch trying to figure out if we were going nuts. My younger brother who was 7 was so confused. He didn’t see anything so he was just kind of like “What’s going on?!”

My grandma had passed away a month before this happened. She was very goofy and was always telling us she would haunt us when she died. So maybe it was her? None of these stories are scary. I don’t believe that there is anything evil in my house. If there are ghost in my house I know that they aren’t trying to hurt us. Get our attention? Maybe.

Story #2

Nothing really weird ever happened after that there have been a few things but those things could have a very reasonable reasons but this next story I couldn’t seem to think of one.

This one happened to me I think just barely sometime last year. So basically I had been reading. It was late at night and I placed my book my desk in my bedroom. I put it down on the desk. It’s not like I put it on the edge or anything I placed it on the desk.
So I put it down and turn away from the desk to get something from my book bag and then I hear the book fall off the desk. So I turn around and see the book on the floor. And I kind of just stood there for a minute looking at it confused. I even redid my steps and put it back on the desk at a few different angles where it maybe could have fallen but it didn’t fall. It was weird.

Story #3

This last story isn’t mine. It’s my grandpa’s but it is probably the creepest thing that has ever happened to anyone I know. So if your still reading then yay you get to read the best one!

My grandpa lives in Mexico most of the time so that’s where this story took place. The story goes that last summer my grandpa was coming home at night after having gone out to eat with a friend and his friend’s wife. They had just gotten out of the car when his friend’s wife asked who was the woman that was by the gate. My grandpa was confused because no one lives with him. As I mentioned before my grandma passed away in 2013. So he goes and looks around the yard making sure no one was there and no one was.

So he invites his friends inside and when they go inside there is a big picture of my grandma hanging on the living room wall so when they walk in the woman says “That’s the woman I saw” I probably should have mentioned that this lady had never met my grandma ever. She didn’t even know who she was.

My grandpa was like “What this woman? That’s my wife. She passed away.”And so yeah that’s pretty much it. I wish I could have seen the woman’s face when she found out she had probably just seen a ghost. My grandpa was really happy though. He was happy to know that my grandma is looking out for him.

I hoped you liked these ghost stories. I have a few more I could share so let me know if you liked these and I will for sure share more in the future!

Hope your day is amazing!









8 thoughts on “My Ghost Experiences

  1. My friend sees ghosts…. she one of those spiritual people and I can tell when people lie and she never lies and she was telling me about this 3 year old I walked into and I didn’t and then she carried on and I got a bit freaked out so I told her to tell her mum cause we thought she was going crazy turns out every women on their from their 12th birthday have special gifts and hers was the ability to go to heaven in her sleep and see ghosts you won’t believe me but I was with her when her mum said I was freaked out and so was she so we went to her grandma she had the same thing but a bit different she is soo cool tho but she has had freaky times with it . But I actually believe you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’m actually really glad it wasn’t one of those black eyed children Storiesghey freak me out and give me nightmares πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  2. OMG! These stories are amazing, but a little bit scary…
    The first story was very strange… The pillow was very strange… 😐
    In my home there were some strange things which held in about two weeks one or two years ago… But the problem is, that I rememeber only one thing – it’s strange, maybe something scrambled my brains? So…
    My dad had a holy medal on his neck and when he went to the hall, the holy medal’s clasp unlocked! My dad didn’t touch the holy medal and he didn’t unlock it. That kind of jewellery (I don’t know that I can name it ‘jewellery’) did it by itself!
    On that two weeks we thought that our home is possessed or something like that… Oh, it was so strange 😐 But the strangest thing is I don’t remember the other weird things…
    But I think that my home isn’t possessed – God protects us πŸ˜‰

    I’d like to read more stories about strange things which you noticed.

    your Polish reader ❀

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