13 Struggles of having a Big Family

Hola it’s Jess. First I would like to say that I love my family. I do. Just sometimes there are things that I… dislike? Is that a good way to say it without sounding like an ungrateful brat? Cause trust me I am so grateful for everyone in my life but just like any other good thing in life there are struggles.

I live in a house with 4 other people. My two sisters and my parents. The oldest is Alyssa she is 19 almost twenty and then my little sister Romy is 11. Now I know I always say I have two brothers and I do kind of but they aren’t my brothers. They are my mom’s half brothers. There is Nick who is currently 16 and Danny who is currently 13. And I am 17. I talked about them in my last post about ghost stories and I referred to them as my brothers only because it is annoying having to explain to people thatΒ I have two uncles who are both younger than me (Trust me I do it a lot).

The five of us (Me, Nick , Danny, my two sisters, Alyssa and Romy) grew up extremely close. Nick and Danny live pretty close to us so they hang out at our house very often and spend the night at least once a week. People also always confuse them for being my mother’s kids because we all go everywhere together. So you might see why I just kind of just say their my brothers.

Anyways now that there are no more lies between us I can talk about all the struggles that come with having around 7 people in my house on a daily basis. Oh! and I also have a dog.

13 Struggles of Having a Big Family

  1. You have to hide food
  2. It’s really never quiet
  3. Lots of dishes
  4. It is never clean for very long
  5. having to stuff everyone in the truck. No one really ever wants to sit in the 3rd row for some reason.
  6. You can’t tell anyone anything because gosh forbid that person tells someone and now your whole family knows.
  7. Trying to talk but nobody shuts up
  8. Everyone has to like who you date
  9. Taking family pictures is difficult
  10. Someone is always in the bathroom when I have to use it
  11. Speaking of bathroom the line to take a shower is long.
  12. Trying to watch a movie as a family but there isn’t enough room on the couch
  13. My mom literally says everyone’s name before she gets to the Β one she is actually trying to say


Though yes there are struggles I love my family and there are also benefits of having a big family like you’re never lonely. Also having a big family is fun. There is never an uneventful day when you live with a lot of people.

Til tomorrow!








5 thoughts on “13 Struggles of having a Big Family

  1. Haha! That post is amazing πŸ˜€

    I live in Poland, medium-sized country in Europe (you live in England, yes??). Now I’m only 13. There are 4 people in my family – me, my parents and my nineteen-year-old brother. Your and my family are very, very similar!! πŸ˜€
    1. I have to hide sweets and good food, my brother will eat them… πŸ˜›
    2. There is too much noise in our house.
    3. We have a lot of dirty dishes… (fortunately we have a dishwasher πŸ˜€ )
    4. Yeah, there is a lot of mess in our house.
    5. –
    6. I can’t tell anybody about my secrets etc. – my family is so talkative.
    7. Nobody can stop talk.
    8. You can’t say about boys or a boy who loves you etc…
    9. My mum mugs when somebody takes a photo, it’s so funny! xD
    10. We haven’t got problems with the bathroom, but we have problems with a toilet… πŸ˜€
    11. –
    12. We have quite a different problem…if somebody would like to watch a comedy, the other person wants to watch news.
    13. –

    Yeah, our families are very similar πŸ˜‰ It’s funny!


    I invite you to my blog πŸ˜‰ I write it cause I’ll show it my English teacher – I’d like to have a six (six is the best mark in Poland; in your country are marks 1-6 or F-A??) as a semester final grade. She said that I should do a lot of English things etc. On Tuesday I took a part in competition πŸ˜‰ And I’ve had my blog for about one month which I write only in English.
    I’ll be so happy if you follow or comment it πŸ˜‰



    All the best!! ❀

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    1. I am actually from the U.S. I wish I lived in England! Isn’t having a big family just great though?! *sarcastic* Haha.
      In the U.S. we are graded in each classes on scales of 1-100 and depending where you fall on that scale you will get a grade between A-F. A being the best and F being really bad. I will for sure check out your blog though and follow you!


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