My Makeup Routine

Hi guys! Today I wanted to talk about my makeup routine!! It’s about a five minute routine. Yeah it’s pretty short, this is because I didn’t start even wearing makeup on a daily basis until this school year. It is just time consuming to me but I do want to look good you know? So I do the minimum really but here it is!

  1. First I wash my face with Clinique Acne Solutions set. I have been using this for two years now and it has really helped me get rid of my acne. Clinique-Acne-Solutions-Products.jpeg
  2. Next I use Primer. I use this one right here. I have only ever used this primer so I couldn’t say it’s the best one out there but I like it. It works for me. maybelline-face-primer-master-prime-blur-illuminate-pink-041554431964-c
  3. Next I use Almay’s under eye concealer. I don’t use foundation because I just don’t feel that I need to put that much makeup on my face. Just putting this on my face makes me look more awake while also still very natural. I also ussually put it on my cheeks if I have a pimple there. I don’t put it on my forehead though because my cheeks and forehead are two different shades but I don’t have any acne really on my forehead so it works. concealer
  4. Next I do a very light eye shadow using this palette.eyeshadow
  5. Lastly I curl my eyelashes and put on mascara. This is the mascara that I use. I got it from Target and I really like it. On ocassion I use eyeliner but not often. my-mascara

That is basically it though. I’m not huge on makeup I just have never really been good at it so this is all I do. My close friend Bryanna however loves doing makeup! She just started a blog yesterday so I’m sure she will go over her make up routine eventually on there. The link for her blog is: https://bryannamichelleblog.wordpress.com/

Please check it out and follow her! Thank you!



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