I Met Austin Mahone  

Hi! Today I thought I would tell the story of how I met Austin Mahone. It’s not as interesting as you might think. 

I met Austin in the summer of 2014 when I was 14. Listen I know no one really cares about Austin these days but in 2014 Austin was the stuff okay?! 

So in I think April? or May my mom suprised me and my older sister who at the time was 17 with meet and greet tickets to to see Austin Mahone. 

The concert was in June of that year and I was soooo excited! Extremly excited! 

So the day comes and the entire way there I was freaking out and making jokes with my mom and sister about what I would say to him. 

When we get there we get our passes checked and then basically wait in line for I think 40mintutes. 

The line began outside around a building and then you go inside. And you would think that when you get inside you would see Austin. But nope course not. 

Instead you are led inside and inside where you wait in line while climbing 3 flights of stairs. And then you are back outside eventually but on the roof of the building where Austin was. 

Me and my sister are freaking out at this point Austin freaking Mahone is standing 10 feet away from us. 

So my sister is next in line and when it’s her turn she pushes me in front of her. I was not expecting that at all so I was kind of surprised but I went and walked up to Austin and he put his arm around me to take a picture. While taking the picture he says “Hi how are you?”

and I said “good”. And then it was over. 

The most uneventful thing ever. I mean I’m happy I got to take a picture with him but yeah that’s all that happened. 

My sister told me that she asked him about some basketball game and who he thought was going to win that night. My sister likes basketball and she knows Austin does too. 

So yeah this is a warning to everyone that if you have meet and greet tickets to meet someone expect to wait in line for a long time. And your probably only going to get a picture. 

Have an amazing day! 



7 thoughts on “I Met Austin Mahone  

  1. That’s amazing I remember lots of his songs 😂😂 he was ace still is I’ve never met a celeb I almost met George smith from Nhc tho x

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    1. I met this one girl who had guest starred in a lot of popular shows. her name was Fiona Gubelmann. I was an extra in a film and on this day that I was there there were only three extras on set so I had a chance to talk to her she was super nice!

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