My Cell Phone Still Sucks (UPDATE and STORYTIME)

Hello guys I hope your having a good day because mine has been crappy.

This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about how crappy my phone is. This is actually my second post about it. The first one is-

Here: https://itsjustjessers.wordpress.com/2017/01/10/my-phone-is-not-well/

So basically about a month ago my sim card stopped working. There were lots of other problems before this such as my phone battery almost exploded. Got that fixed. It was all gucci.

And then my damn LTE stopped working. I don’t even know what LTE is I just know that I need it to call people and to have internet when I’m not using wifi.

For a whole month I could not call anyone or use the internet unless I was connected to wifi. It worked for 5 minutes after restarting it and I would be able to make 1 phone call before my LTE stopped working.  I did this when I was at school and needed to be picked up mostly.

So today we finally drove down to the sprint store and told them what was going on.

The lady gave me a new sim card for free and we thought again that we were done and that it would be all good. Nope. Of course not.

We leave the store and go down the block to Pete’s Market. It is a grocery store in case there aren’t any Pete’s Market’s where you live.

After leaving Pete’s we get in the car and find that my phone once again says – Invalid Sim Card.


So we drive all the way back to the sprint store where the lady talks to my mom in Spanish when my mom actually speaks perfect English! I hate that. I hate it when people just assume you don’t speak English just because you look very Hispanic. It’s even worse when people who don’t even speak Spanish try to talk to my mom in Spanish without even bothering to maybe see if she speaks English first.

But ANYWAYS they took my phone and are going to I guess give it back tomorrow. So now I’m phoneless and bored. Great.

That was my day though, let me know how yours was in the comments or how your Sunday is going because I know this post is pretty late so chances are you are reading this on Sunday.

Also I made a twitter account for my blog so go follow it please! And feel free to DM me I seriously need more blogger friends.

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/itsjustjessers

Talk to you guys later!




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