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Book Series I’m Probably Not Going To Finish

I LOVE reading! I really do. But there are just some books I don’t really see myself finishing ever or anytime soon.

The Ghost Bird Series.pngghost bird .jpg

I started The Ghost Bird Series in 2015 I think and I fell in love with it. I read the first four books on my kindle and I ran out of money and couldn’t buy the fifth one. Cause I’m poor and can’t afford my reading addiction. I think there is 11 books in the series right now.

When I finally did pick up the fifth book I couldn’t remember much of the first four books and I attempted to reread them but I couldn’t get through them again so I just gave up. My best friend Nelly has read them all though.

The Ghost Bird Series (1).png


I read a Beautiful Dark in 2012 when it had just came out. I also read the second book a year later but I wasn’t super into it because I didn’t remember a lot of what had happened in the first book. So when the third one came out a year later I just never picked it up. And I am probably never going to! …Okay fine I might pick them up again later and read them all since they are all out now… What the heck this is suppose to be my “Never going to finish it ” post.

The Ghost Bird Series (2).png

Spoiler Alert! If you don’t want to know how the Divergent series ends skips this section. 


Don’t hate me!! Ahhh omg I love Divergent I really do… I just did a really bad thing and read the ending of the third book before I started reading it. I read the first two books and I was like “Let me just take a peek at the ending and make sure everything works out” Nope.

Me after I read the ending : wtf


Yeah so basically I was very upset and could not continue!! I love Tris so much but I didn’t want to waste my time reading the book if I knew it was going to end bad. The first two books are amazing though!

Let me know what book series you aren’t going to ever finish!

Also my bestfriend Nelly ,who I mention constantly on this blog, just started a blog! I don’t know I think I started a trend guys! That’s the second person at my school to start a blog because they’ve seen me blogging. But yeah please go give her a follow she would really appreciate it!

Her blog is:

Also what do you guys think about me teaching hair braiding on a live stream?? I love braid hair and I could show you guys if you want me to. Just let me know what you think!


Nelly's Blog- www.theheartoftheunordinaryNelly's Blog- www.theheartoftheunordinary (1)

See you Friday beautifuls!




7 thoughts on “Book Series I’m Probably Not Going To Finish

  1. Oh my god Divergent! I’ve read ALL of them and I’m not going to lie they were AMAZING! I think you’re missing out by not reading the last one although you are now obviously disadvantaged by knowing how it ends – it was the biggest twist I have ever read! I was so miserable after reading it but I thought it made it unique and really set it apart from other trilogies. I’m so sad they’re not making the final part of the series for cinema screens! Great post! 🙂

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  2. We all have series that we never finish… I kinda annoys me to know that, but on the other hand, I don’t want to reread all the books I’ve already read, just becasue I forgot some parts…
    love, elena

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