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Teachers LIED To My Parents. STORYTIME

*Sigh* Some teachers really do not know how to handle things. This is the second incident of 2017 that I’ve had.  I blogged about the first one back in January (First Incident). Here is the short version first  and then I will tell the long verison.

Short Version:

I was involved in a group dance contest for school and was kicked out of the group by a teacher in front of 5 of the other dance members because I missed 2 days of class. It turned into this big thing and my mom called them a yelled at them and basically they lied and said they had not kicked me out.

The long version with all the details:

I was involved in a dance group that is competing in a contest on Saturday. April 1st.  It’s a cultural arts and language contest. So basically you learn a dance from another country or sing a song in a different langauge and then you go and perform.

I had done this  contest last year too so it wasn’t like it was my first year performing or I was new to any of this. Practice started in Febuary, around the same time I started taking my drivers ed class. Drivers ed was Tusedays and Thursdays, while dance was Tuseday, Wednesday, and Friday. So that meant me missing some of dance practice on Tusedays because I had Drivers ed which in the beggining they said was fine. I only missed 2 whole practices because 1) I was sick so I just didn’t go to school that day. And 2) I had the written driving test(Which I passed! Go Jess!) . Those 2 days were in the same week. Last week if you were wondering.

So Drivers ed is over now (And im really not sure if drivers ed is supposed to be capatilized but I feel like it is.) so I went on Tuseday, this past Tuseday (March 28) and went to go talk to them because my friend in the group told me that the dance instructor’s helper had rearranged the spots when I was absent and had not left one for me.

So I go to go talk to the teachers who supervise the program because the dance instructor is a hired instructor from a studio near by. So she is just the dance choriaghapher. The 2 spanish teachers are the ones who do everything else besides makeup the dance.

So  I go to talk to one of the teachers and they tell me “Well you’ve missed 2 days and blah blah”

My friend Bryanna had also gone with me to talk to the teacher too. but shes not in dance she just went with me cause I was nervous.

and I said “Well dance isn’t the only thing I do. I had my drivers test and I was sick”

So she just told me “Well I don’t know. You can go practice with them but we don’t know if were going to let you stay.”

So I go to practice and the dance instructor is not there again so I couldn’t talk to her about what she thought about letting me stay.

There are also only like 3 girls there out of like 7 that are in the group. But anyways I’m standing there not even sure if I should stay cause no one was even there. But Bryanna is right there and tells me I should just practice anyways.

So I decide that I will stay when the spanish teacher I had just talked to comes into the room.

She comes up to me and says right in front of everyone that is there “So after talking to Ms.—– (The other spanish teacher invovled.) We decided that you are out because we already rearranged all the spots. So your out.”

Me: “Why?  I was doing other things. There’s no one even here”

“They told us that they have other things to do. You didn’t. So your out sorry.”

At that point my emotions get the best of me and I feel like I am going to cry. And I do eventually as soon as I get to the bathroom.

So later I leave school and go home and as soon as I get home she knows something is wrong. My nose was still red from crying. I tried to bs my way out of it and tell her it was cold outside but she doesn’t believe it.

So after telling her what happened she is so mad. She makes me give her my computer and writes a really angry email to them and tells them to call her. So they call her like 20mins later and DENY the fact that kicked me out.

What my mother basically said on the phone:

Why would you kick her out if your not the choriaghapher?!!!

Why wouldn’t you tell her hey if you miss one more day your out???

Why wouldn’t you tell her in the beginning that drivers ed was going to get in the way so she didn’t waste her time??

How could you just kick her out in front of the other dancers?

Jess is shy and doesn’t talk to the many people so I encouraged her to join the club and you guys just do this to her???!!!! It’s bad enough some of the girls in the group don’t like her now she has to get bullied by the teachers??

Them: She can come talk to the instructor tomorrow if she wants to

my mom: Why so she can get rejected again??

so basically she was pissed.

In the end I decided I’m not doing it anymore because I don’t want do deal with liars and idiots.

The only thing that sucks is I still have to deal with one of the spanish teachers cause she my spanish teacher.

Life sucks. Things happen. Just have to cry a river. Build a bridge. And get over that shit.


My mothers angry email:

Screenshot 2017-03-30 at 2.57.16 PM





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