YouNow Star Triston Tyler Pranked

Hello my little angels! Today we are going to be talking about someone who isn’t such an angel Triston Tyler or should I say his girlfriend Danielle since she is the prankster. A good one too.

Here’s the rundown:

The prank basically consisted of Danielle pretending that she had cheated on Triston. His reaction is heart breaking.

What happened was Danielle set up some cameras and then she left her phone where Triston could see it. She had their close friend Josh (or as she had him in her contacts “Brandon”) message her and say some cutesy things to get Triston to look at the phone and then everything began.

Triston like I said was really upset. I mean who wouldn’t be you just found out the freaking love of your life is cheating on you!! It doesn’t really help that Danielle happens to be a terrific actor and follows through with the whole thing pretty well. Although she was laughing the whole time which I’m not sure if it was for effect or she really could just not help her self but it worked!

In the end she told him and yeah let’s just say Triston was not a happy boy.

Watch the full video here on YouTube.

He also goes live on YouNow pretty much everynight so if you haven’t watched him on YouNow you should check him out. He’s pretty awesome really.

Triston and Danielle’s Social Media

Triston’s Twitter

Thier YouTube Channel

Triston’s YouNow

Danielle’s YouNow

Til tomorrow angels!


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