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StoryTime! Some Girl Tried To Break My Arm!

Hello my little munchkins!! Today I am going to tell you the weird story of how when I was 12 this girl tried to break my arm!

This was at a time when a lot of people in my grade didn’t like me. I don’t even know why they didn’t but all the girls in my 6th grade class did not like me.

They would constantly just pick on me and it got to the point where my older sister felt that she should say something to them. My sister at this time was a freshmen in high school so she was only 14 or 15 years old. Which to me, when I was only 12 years old, was pretty old.

So on day after school my sister and her very tall friend stopped by the school to pick me up. They went to go talk to this girl and basically told her to leave me alone or else she was going to beat her ass. But that was it she just yelled at her a little bit she didn’t touch her.

The next day the girl confronted me before class. She grabbed my arm, twisted it, and told me to never do that again.

At this point I screamed and told her not to touch me. I yanked my arm out of her hand. and she just gave me this mean look and walked away.

When I was, I believe, in the 9th grade my friend who was still close friends with this bully invited me to her birthday party and I went knowing that this girl from 6th grade might be there. I figured it was a couple years ago maybe she is over it and we could make amends. And well if she wasn’t I wasn’t going to let her stop me from having a good time.

To make this story short the girl did not end up going to the party and I was told by the girl who invited me that it was because she didn’t want to see me.

This actually made me laugh. That I made her not go. That she hated me so much that she would miss out on having a good time. Worked out for me though haha

Talk to you tomorrow. It will probably be another story time but we’ll see.

Love ya!



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