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Ghost Experiences PART 2

Hi hi hi! Happy freaking Wednesday or hump day I guess. I hope your day is going amazing! And if it’s not I am so sorry! I am sending virtual hugs your way!

Today I am going to share 3 ghost stories with you that have been told to me by my father.

If you want to read my first ghost stories post the link is right here.

Story #1

I’ve heard this story so many time and it still gives me the chills. Basically my dad was in his “office”. It isn’t really an office it’s more like his man cave but he calls it his office. He was just standing there for some reason when he saw a tall shadow on the wall next to the door way.

He was very confused. He didn’t know what in the room could make that shadow. He just stared at it for a couple of minutes before taking a step back and looking to see what it could be.

When he did this he saw the shadow move towards the door and leave the room.

Also my dad says he wasn’t in a position where this shadow could just be his shadow. He was standing away from the light.

My mom’s dad passed away when she was sixteen years old so maybe it was him saying hi? At the time no one else in our family had passed away really so we couldn’t think of anyone else.

Story #2

Growing up my dad’s bedroom was in the attic of his house. His mom never went up the the attic because she didn’t like climbing up the stairs.

One night when my dad was maybe 14 years old he was in bed when he felt someone petting his head in a very calm and soothing way. He was half asleep and he didn’t know who it was. He didn’t pay attention to it thinking it was probably just his mom. Until he remembered that his mom never went upstairs to his room.

When he opened his eyes there was no one there. To this day he still does not know who or what was petting his head that night.

Story #3

This is another story from my dads childhood. When he was younger his cousins would sleep over sometimes and one time while they were sleeping over (I believe there were maybe 5 of them. All boys.) they were all sleeping in the living room when they woke up to all the kitchen cabinents slamming.

One of the boys actually peed themselves. So they had to go to the laundry to get him clothes. Problem was that the laundry room was past the kitchen. So basically they ran so fast to the laundry room because they were scared as hell.


That is all I have for you today! Will talk to you guys tomorrow!




8 thoughts on “Ghost Experiences PART 2

  1. I waited for this post!
    It’s fantastic but a little bit scary… Your dad used to live in the haunted house, really!
    If you experienced more paranormal things, absolutely describe it!! Of course, I’ll read them.


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  2. These are really cool my old street was haunted and the village I live in is very haunted, one night the whole street I lived in everyone has children we were all between the ages of 3-16 years old and I had a terrible nightmare and I woke up screaming I walked to my parents room my brother was already there and our dreams were the same my parents were convinced we were telepathic being we are to close and the next morning we were playing with all our friends and the had the same dream it was really creepy… and there’s this place called the abandoned tunnel everyone goes there mostly to get drunk (not me I’m too young) my friends went and we had a sleepover staight after and they are convinced something is haunting us 😅😅😅

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      1. Yeah there were 5 of us it hasn’t happened since my family moved it was me my brother and my friend her older brother and her younger brother and it was so strange

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