Netflix Review: Chasing Cameron

Rating: A-

Hi guys so this past weekend I couldn’t find anything to watch on Netflix and I always see the Chasing Cameron show staring at me when I’m looking for something to watch so I just decided to put it on.

I am happy I did though because I really like it. There are a lot of bad reviews on it on the Netflix site but really if they hated it so much did they really even watch the whole thing? I watched the whole thing and I just want to say it is a very good show.

The show follows Cameron Dallas on his 2016 international Magcon (Meet and Greet Convention) tour that took place this past summer. He basically owns Magcon I think. Don’t take my word for it but I’m pretty sure.

He is trying to bring it back like it use to be when it first started. This is difficult because they hired tour management and a crew which it seems like they did not have on the original Magcon tour. The crew is very difficult and things don’t always go right, add to that a spoiled internet star on the tour, Taylor Caniff, who really just seems like he is in it for the money, it adds up to a whole lot of drama that basically falls on Cameron’s shoulders.

Cameron develops anxiety while on tour and I totally understand why. He has to deal with all this drama and on top of that he is tired from touring but he can’t stop because he doesn’t want to let any fans down.

Also fans don’t know these things. So when they meet you they want to hug you and take pictures and you can tell sometimes he is just so exhausted and not in the mood. I’m not going to lie fan girls no nothing about personal space.. He is literally trying to get through a crowd and everyone is trying to grab at him. It’s crazy and kind of annoys me.

It makes you realize why someone like Justin Bieber doesn’t want to do meet and greets anymore or take pictures with people because it’s exhausting.

The tour was international so there was a tour in Europe and then a week off and then back on tour to Australia. I think they probably should have waited a coupe of months before doing the Australia tour because you could tell they needed more time in between the two tours.

Besides just the tour you also learn more about some of your favorite internet stars. Some of these people on Magcon are only in it for the money. Or some are only in it for the fame. A quote from one of the younger boys on Magcon was “That’s the only reason I started social media was because I wanted to be on Magcon.” 

…Really? I don’t know… some of the things these people say bothers me because girls look up to these people and some of the are just jerks. Okay honestly it’s only maybe two of them that really bothered me but still.

Cameron Dallas is so humble though. He always tries to push through his stress for the fans. It’s obvious he really cares about them.

I’ve never been a Cameron Dallas super fan. I admit he is good-looking but I’ve never actually kept up with his social media and I honestly can say I loved this little show he put together. I’m saying this because even if you aren’t obsessed with Cameron Dallas you can still enjoy this show because it gives you an insight to what it really is like to tour and do all these meet and greets and how hard it actually is.

The show has been renewed for a season two which I will watch for sure! Season two is going to follow more of Cameron’s family life and just his personal life overall so I am excited. I do think I am a bigger fan of Cameron Dallas now after watching this show and am going to for sure follow all of his social medias.

Season 1 has 10 episodes and it is on Netflix now so go watch it!



4 thoughts on “Netflix Review: Chasing Cameron

  1. That’s cool I’ve never been interested I was only interested in Shawn mendes and Nash but as times gone on I feel as though Nash just did it for fame and I hate it when people give any of them hate like Jacob sartorius I’m not a fan but I hate how people constantly tear him down they have wrecked the human being inside… I saw this one thing on YouTube a couple of weeks ago that made me sick one of them were in you know there were two girls putting one of them down and he started to cry 😭 it’s not fair how people do that and no wonder boys like Cameron develop anxiety

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