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StoryTime! Locker Room Fight with Best Friend

Hi guys! So today I am going to tell you guys the story of when my best friend tackled me to the ground in the locker room.

I am still best friends with this girl til this day. Her name is Nelly and I’ve talked about her a few times on my blog.

Back when we were 14 years old so like 3 years ago we took gym class. When we went to gym we had to change out of our school uniforms and into work out clothes.

I also took art class this year which meant my school shirt had lots of paint stains on it. It was acrylic and if your an artist or have ever taken an art class you know that that shit doesn’t come off. ever.

So one day after gym class I decided that I didn’t want to wear that ugly shirt anymore and that I was going to take Nelly’s shirt and she wouldn’t even know. Also their were no actual lockers in the locker room you ether left your clothes on the bench or in a bag. Nelly and I always just left ours on the bench.

So I take Nelly’s shirt and replace it with mine and put Nelly’s on. Nelly was not in the locker room yet because they only let five go in at a time. So I’m putting on my shoes when Nelly walks in.

She puts on my school shirt and she notices right away that it’s not her’s. How did she know? Well me and Nelly don’t wear the same size. I wear a small (Or a child’s large. Cause yeah I’m tiny) and she wears a medium. The shirt didn’t fit her.

For some reason I don’t remember why but we were the only people in the locker room.

She looks at me and says “Is that my shirt?”

I just tell her that it isn’t but it’s all over my face that it is.

She yells “Give me my shirt!”

I scream back “No! Let me borrow it! Mine is ugly!”

I’m screaming because she is standing next to me trying to pull it off me. Somehow I fall and then she is on top of me trying to pull her shirt off of me. She screaming for me to give it back and I’m screaming for her to let me borrow it.

After a minute or so we stop and look at eachother. We realize what position we are in and the fact that if someone walked in at that moment it wouldn’t look right.

She looks at me and says “We should get up before someone see’s us like this.”

We get up and were laughing at what just happened. I give her the shirt back and we leave the locker room laughing and running to class because the bell had already rung.

Now the story is pretty much an inside joke to us. Whenever we mention that story people look at us confused because they don’t know what happened. It’s funny.

Hope this story entertained you or made you smile and if it didn’t well I’m sorry that I’m not funny!!!!!! just kiddinggg I hoped you liked it though!

See you tomorrow.



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