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Book Talk: Some Boys by Patty Blount

“Giving up is easy not right” 

-Grace (Some Boys) 


Hello my little lady bugs!!!! Ahhhh so I loveddd this book it was amazing and so freaking awesome and if you have the chance to read it, do it. You won’t regret it.

Okay okay okay so Some Boys is about a girl named Grace who is very edgy and strong minded. One night Grace gets raped by this guy named Zac who really has no soul but is the hottest guy at school. Her story is that one night she went to a party with friends and she got into an argument with one of her friend Miranda. It’s a little confusing to explain but I’ll try.

Miranda liked Zac. Zac didn’t care and wanted to get with Grace. Miranda doesn’t like this. Grace dates Zac for two days and realizes he’s a piece of shit. Grace breaks up with Zac. Zac gets mad. Really mad. So fast forward to the party where Zac attempts to flirt with Grace and she shoots him down. Miranda gets so mad and start complaining about how she took him from her and so Grace gets really upset and runs into the woods and Zac follows her and makes a move on her even when she tells him no.

The entire school is on Zac’s side. Everyone bullies Grace and calls her names like ‘slut’  or ‘whore’or ‘attention seeker’. Grace is falling apart. She is really good at pretending like shes not but as soon as she is alone she breaks down.

She is falling apart because her best  friends hate her. She is falling apart because her dad acts like it’s her fault for getting raped because of the way she dresses. She is falling apart because her step mom doesn’t want her near her half brothers. She is falling apart because she is falling in love and doesn’t know if she can let her guard down.

She is falling in love with Ian. Ian is Zac’s best friend. Ian doesn’t know what to think because he likes Grace but he also wants to stay loyal his best friend and trust him when he says he didn’t rape her.

It’s such a good book and you can learn a lot from it. So read it.

Also major book haul coming soon. Should I make a video instead of a post? I can do both but I feel like it would be fun to make a book haul video. What do you guys think? And then maybe I’ll make book talk videos too!



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