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I Went Camping!!…. and also my phone isn’t working AGAIN

Hello!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness gracious I haven’t been on my blog in a life time!!!

Okay fine it’s been like three weeks but it feels like a lifetime!!

I don’t have any good excuses really besides the fact that I’ve been lazy and unmotivated to work on my blog. But! I am ready to get back into it again right now. I have a whole month worth of ideas I’ve been working on.

Today is going to be more chill though. I am just going to talk about what I’ve been up too these past couple of weeks.

A few weeks ago I was an extra in a Flash Mob. It was for a documentary so that was super fun! It was actually on May 5th I think a Sunday. It was a really long day. I had to be on set at 7am and then we didn’t wrap until 4pm. We filmed outside in downtown Chicago. Thankfully it was a pretty sunny day because you just never know really with Chicago weather. Unfortunately for me though I forgot to wear sunscreen and was in the sun all day. Basically I got sunburned. Which surprised me because I do have naturally tan skin so I didn’t really think it was possible for me to sunburn. Growing up I never did. I just got darker so I guess I didn’t really think that I would. I know you guys are probably thinking I’m dumb but I’ve seriously have never gotten sunburned before!

I also got really sick after this. I did have a scratchy throat that day of the flash mob but I felt fine enough to go and as soon as I got home I just started feeling horrible. The next day on Monday I could not breathe. I was very congested from my throat and nose. I took two showers that day because I was having a hard time breathing. I think it was just from being outside too long on Sunday and being kind of sick already did not help. I don’t regret going on Sunday though because I had such a fun time. It just sucks that I got sick afterwards.

I did not even go back to school until Wednesday because the doctor didn’t think I was well enough. But by Wednesday I was somewhat better. Not great but better than before.

On Thursday I was feeling good so I went with my sister to go see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Ahh I loved it. Groot is sooo cute. I loved the first one so I was soo excited to see the second one. We went at like 10 o’clock  at night too so the movie theater was empty besides us and 3 other people. It was cool.

On Friday I didn’t have school because the school was taking us camping. I’ve only been camping like once and I was like 8 years old so I don’t really remember.

We went camping in Michigan for 3 days. It was fun I guess. There were lots of bugs and mud and all that other nature stuff. I’m just a city girl that’s why. I don’t like the wildernessss. haha.

I needed to cross it off my bucket list though so I did it. Would I do it again? Maybe? Probably not though.

We did rock climbing and canoeing which was frightening but I did it! I also ate s’mores off of a stick!!!! Being the hypochondriac that I am I was very suspicious about doing this but I did it anyways because everyone was doing it and no one else seemed worried so I was like whatever I’ll just do it.

We got back on Sunday night and I was so happy because I missed my bed and my dog and taking showers without having to worry about spiders.

Monday was uneventful. Yesterday, Tuesday, The Flash came on! That was awesome too because I love The Flash. It was the second to last episode of the season so kinda bummed that there’s only one left and then I have to wait all the way until October.

In the meantime I’m going to catch up on Supergirl. I tried keeping up with it while they were being released during the year but I gave up and I am just going to watch it on Netflix when it’s on there.

I also want to start watching Supernatural because I have heard nothing but good things about that show so that is another show I plan to binge this summer in between the summer college program I am attending and my trip to Mexico. I seriously can’t wait to go to Mexico.

One more thing before I go. I just wanted to inform you guys that my phone is officially not working again. I think I am going to just get a new one because it won’t even turn on anymore.

So I am phoneless…and it sucks.

But I think that is it! I just wanted to talk to you guys about what I’ve been doing and just talk really.

Have an amazing day and I was be back tomorrow with an article on what it is like to be a background actor! So look for it tomorrow! Bye!!





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