Blog Post From 15 Year Old Jess

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Entry #1

Hi!! I’m starting a series!!!!! Called Just Jess Journals. It’s a lame name I know but I kinda like ittt. haha.

Basically I am just going to do a lot of writing prompts and talk about things I find interesting. I hope you guys enjoy this series and if you have anything you want me to talk about let me know!

Everytime I write a Just Jess Journal post I am going to start it with “Entry #1” and so on (“Entry #2, #3….”).

Today I thought I would actually share an entry from my actual journal. My written paper journal. I have like 5 of them I think. I started journaling in like the 6th grade and have been since then. These days I only maybe journal once every couple of months especially now that I’m blogging. I feel like blogging is takes the place of journaling and I don’t mind it. I like blogging better actually.

But yeah today I am going to share an older entry from 2015 about my one of my best friends.


It’s the best feeling ever when you know that some loves you. And not like someone related to you but as their best friend or girlfriend/boyfriend. 

It makes you think like maybe I’m not so bad. 

My best friend cares about me. He’s a boy. But were not “in love”. Nope just best friends.

We were talking on the phone a little while ago an after I hung up cuz he said he was tired and I just said night and hung up and he texts me after saying that I didn’t give him a chance for him to tell me he loved me.

I didn’t think he was going to say it just because he didn’t say it before but him saying that will put me to sleep in a good mood. Just knowing that someone cares.



Awwwwwwwwww. I love this kid. We are still pretty good friends for the most part which surprises me because friends really just come and go. I know it’s only been 2 years but it wouldn’t have surprised me if we had stopped talking in between then just cause like I said friends come and go.

Also when I said it’s nice to know someone cares I meant friends. Obviously I know my family cares about me but just during this time I felt very alone and like I couldn’t really talk to anyone. I just didn’t have many friends during this time. So him being sweet like that just made my night.

So thanks friend. Even though he doesn’t read my blog.

I hoped you like reading this cute little post though! Let me know if you want to read more of my old journal entries.

See ya later!! Have a great day!!




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