Last Day of School and I FINALLY Got a New Phone

Hi my little cantalopes!! 

If you have been keeping up with my blog for awhile then you would know that since the beginning of 2017 my phone has just had so many problems! 

A month ago it just finally took a dump on me and stopped turning on altogether and just yesterday I got my replacement. Thank freaking goodness! 

Also I just finished my junior year of high school! I hated it. But! I managed to finish the semester with a 3.3 gpa which is pretty good for me considering last year it was a 2.5. 

I really just got my stuff together this year you know??  

I am just really happy its over and now I have a week to sleep in and relax until the following week when I will start my summer program at Loyola University. I’m so excited and hopefully I make friends because according to one of my friends “Im the most socially awkward one of our group!”

Maybe I just don’t like people? Huh? Ever thought of that buddy?!

But seriously I love making friends I am just socially awkward and also defensive as you can see. Haha. 

I will hopefully talk to you guys tomorrow! 


2 thoughts on “Last Day of School and I FINALLY Got a New Phone

  1. Oh, you’ve finished your school!! You’re lucky 😉 I have to go to school for 5 years… My holidays are coming but they haven’t started yet. They’ll start on the 23th of June so I can’t wait long time, haha. My GPA is really high… It’s 5,71! 😀 Yeah, yeah, I’m really clever and ambitious, haha. Great you’ve already got a new mobile! 🙂 If you want to vlog, start do it. I’ll watch your videos!

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    1. Ahh i meant to reply to this way earlier!! Im not done with school yet though. I have one more year in highschool and then 4 more years. So i guess 5 for me too. High five in that awesome gpa!! Good job! And i am for sure going to start vlogging soon thanks so much for the support Ann!


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