Lets Talk About Austin Jones

Hi angels! It is currently 1 in the afternoon and I am eatting breakfest. Being on break is great honestly. 

But anyways I found out some crazy news yesterday guys! Austin Jones asked little girls for nudes. And other inappropriate things that just disgust me. He disgusts me! 

Lets backtrack though. If you don’t know who Austin Jones is, he is a youtuber and singer from Chicago. Though im not sure because living an hour away from Chicago doesnt mean you live in Chicago. You could live in Orland about a 30min drive from Chicago but you still dont live in Chicago. You would be surprised how many people claim to be from Chicago and they actually live an hour away. Its not the same thing!!

I am actually from Chicago though. The city. 

Not the point though. The point is Austin Jones was this singer who had about 500,000 subcribers on YouTube and he took advantage of them. 

He asked girls for dirty pictures even though he was well aware they were 13 and 14 years old. He is 23 by the way! 

There are transcripts online of the messages online if you want to read them. I don’t recommend it because its disgusting and horrible. 

He apologized for doing it actually 3 years ago on his YouTube channel saying he was “depressed”. That doesn’t make it okay!!! Nothing he says will make this situation okay! He’s a horrible person and if you watch that apology video from 2015 on his channel it’s easy to tell he doesn’t mean it.

I just wanted to tell you guys that though just in case you didn’t know or hear about it for some reason. Please always be cautious becuse there are a lot of horrible people in the world. 

Hope you guys have a good day though and I will probably start vlogging next week I think. It would mean a lot if you checked it out. 




3 thoughts on “Lets Talk About Austin Jones

  1. i didn’t know who austin jones until i heard the story. the details make it even more disgusting. the fact that he asked the girls to keep saying their age is so creepy! it reminded me of how a few years ago, a group of youtuber a were exposed for all the vile things they’ve done. i hoped we’d learned from that, but i guess not 😦 i hope the girls are safe now

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    1. I actually did know who he was but I was not a fan. I just never found him attractive or interesting. For some reason his videos were always in my facebook newsfeed but i never really thought anything of it. There is so much proof online of him harassing girls. Im just happy that he finally got caught.


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