My Near Death Experiance 

Hi guys! Its Friday! Yayy! I get to sleep in tomorrow! Cause I’ve been having to wake up at 5am every freaking day for my Loyola program which I love! I love my classes and just being able to learn without stressing over grades. Its awesome. 

And the food is actually not horrible! It’s not fantastic but it’s better then the lunch at my highschool. I’ve also made some pretty awesome friends which was one of my goals this summer. 

But now to the story! So when I was really young, like 3 or 4 years old, I almost drowned and died I guess. 

We had gone to a pool with my cousins. I saw my dad follow my cousins into the deep water and I followed. I went to the deep side and no one saw me. Except I think this one woman who told the life gaurd I was drowning. 

I remember this event so clearly. Or at least some parts. Such as following my dad into the water and being under the water screaming for my parents. The water was all green (or maybe my eyes were just closed) and I was trying to scream but I couldn’t because of the water

After that I just have memories of being in the hospital. 

I’ve asked my mom about it before because I was a baby and I only remember bits of it. Which is surprising because I have no other memories really from the age of three besides this one. 

Basically my parents were freaking out. They were both like “I thought she was with you!” And I was kinda with my dad but he didn’t see me. Or maybe I even mistaked someone else for him. I do remember thinking that I was following my dad when I walked into the deep water. 

For a long time I hated talking about it. I got extremly uncomfortable whenever my cousins would bring it up. This was up until I was maybe 13 years old. 

Now I am older and I am so thankful that that life guard saved my life. Sometimes I think of it as a way of someone up there saying that I was meant to live. And that it wasn’t my time yet. Maybe I am alive for a reason. 

I sometimes wish I could find that life guard that saved my life so I could thank him personally. According to my mom, they held a whole ceremony in honor of him saving my life and he got a medal. 

Do you guys think there is anyway I could find him? Anyway at all I could possibly track him down or get his name so I could find him online? This was in like 2003 or 2004. 

Please let me know! I would really love to thank him! 

Thank you guys for listening to my story! Any help is much appreciated. 



3 thoughts on “My Near Death Experiance 

    1. Yeah I’m almost 18 years old now and without him I might not have been able to live this long. I don’t know where it happened. I can try asking my mom if she knows though. Not sure if she even remembers but that is for sure probably my first step is figuring out where it happened.

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