Book Review Requests

Hi it’s Jess. I just wanted to talk about book requests. I am very much open to them at any time. I am always looking for new material to read and review.

Published Novels 

Genres I am open to read: 

  • Young adult
  • New adult
  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Romance

If you request a book for me to read I will most likely have a review up within 30 days from the day that you requested it. I ask for at least 30 days because I am in high school just like I know many of the people who read my blog are. I have lots of priorities that come before reading unfortunately. I wish I could just read all day but I can’t. I am able to read one book in a week is the usual but if you request a really good book that I love I can finish it in 2 or 3 days. Also because I may be in the middle of another book when you request it.

If at some point I have to many requests and do not think I will get to yours in at least 30 days then I will for sure let you know that and give you an estimate of when I will be able to to read and review that novel.

Those are basically all the rules. To submit request you can email me at:

or simply fill out the contact form with your request.

Original Material (unpublished or unfinished)

I am open to original novels that you have written yourself but are not published yet.

I am also open to reading unfinished novels that only have a few chapters.

I can ether review them on my blog in a post or can give you personal feed back in an email.

Please note that I am still only seventeen years old and feedback on your book may not be a professional review but I will be honest and tell you exactly what I think of it and what areas I think you could add to or take out. You don’t have to even take my feedback into consideration if you don’t like it. It’s your novel. I am just going to give you my thoughts on it and you can do what you please with them. 

The genres I am open to read are the same as the ones I mentioned above.

As for time span, depending on the length of the work I am reviewing for you will determine how long it will take me to get a review out to you.

If it is only a few chapters I should be able to get a review out to you within a week.

If it is a whole unpublished novel I will try my best to review it for you as fast as I can but I can’t say how long that will be. It depends on the length.

If you would like me to review your original unpublished work shoot me an email at:

I will get back to you most likely within a couple of hours.

Feel free to email me or comment with any questions!